Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Fantasy set “Warriors”

Name: fantasy set “Warriors”. Contains of: polar bear cub “Shogun”, Obitsu doll “Ouirina”
Edition: one of a kind
Size: 43 cm long from nose till tail
Used materials: long alpaca mohair Schulte
Eyes: german glass black
Nose: hand sculpted from epoxy clay and painted by me
Claws: hand sculpted and carved by me from epoxy clay
Joints: 6-way jointed (double jointed neck), lockline inside for realistic posing possibilities
Paw pads: needle felted with hardening technique from high-quality wool, shaded
Filling: polyfill, wool, glass and steel pellets
Used techniques: sewing, felting
More detail: this fantasy set of armored bear and doll is completely designed and handmade by me, Vero Heck. The doll is customized by me Obitsu Haruka doll. Armor is handsculpted of Apoxie Sculpt, painted and sealed with MSC.
Adoption: adopted, in private collection.

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