Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Small panda bear cub “Ping”

Name: panda bear cub “Ping”
Edition: one of a kind
Size sitting: 12 cm
Used materials: alpaca mohair Schulte in two colors
Eyes: taxidermy bear eyes
Nose: real leather, handsewn
Joints: 6-way jointed (double jointed neck), armature inside for realistic posing possibilities
Paw pads: needle felted with hardening technique from high-quality wool and then shaded
Filling:  wool and steel pellets
Used techniques: sewing, felting
More detail: completely designed and handsewn by me, Vero Heck through many hours of work, therefore she looks so lifelike and beautiful, and has so kind expression.
Adoption: adopted, in private collection