Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Panda bear “Mingmei”

Name: panda bear “Mingmei”
Edition: one of a kind
Size sitting: 30 cm
Used materials: alpaca mohair Schulte in two colors
Eyes: german glass black
Nose: real leather, handsewn
Joints: 6-way jointed (double jointed neck), lockline inside for realistic posing possibilities
Paw pads: needle felted with hardening technique from high-quality wool and then shaded
Filling: polyfill, wool, glass and steel pellets
Used techniques: sewing, felting, open-close mouth
More detail: completely designed and handmade by me, Vero Heck through many hours of work, therefore she looks so lifelike and beautiful, and has so kind expression. Comes with all her Halloween stuff.
Adoption: adopted, in private collection.

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