Montag, 2. April 2012

Kermode bear “Sherlock”

Name: giant Kermode bear “Sherlock”
Edition: one of a kind
Size: 50 cm
Used materials: mohair Schulte in honey color
Eyes: glass eyes, hand painted by me with movable eyelids
Nose: hand sculpted from epoxy clay and hand painted by me
Claws: hand sculpted and carved by me from epoxy clay
Joints: 6-way jointed (double jointed neck), lock line inside for realistic posing possibilities
Paw pads: leather paw pads
Filling:  wool and steel pellets
Used techniques: sewing, felting, open-close eyes
More detail: completely designed and handmade by me, Vero Heck. “Sherlock” has moveable upper eyelids, and can be posed awake or sleeping, therefore he looks so lifelike and beautiful, and has so kind expression.He is made to stay on his four legs or sit.
Adoption: adopted


  1. What a big hug of bear. The gentle giant.

    1. Thank you very much!
      I don't think, I would ever tru and repeat this experiment))

  2. ну ничего себе!!! какие у Вас мишки!!!! мне так льстит, что Вам понравился мой Винни-пух!!!:)
    и рада познакомиться:)

    1. Пух клёвый, да! Мне вообще очень понравились Ваши выкройки, такие головастые старички с маленькими лапками)) Очень душевные мишки.
      Спасибо за похвалу моим мишкам)))

      А вообще ко мне лучше на "ты"