Freitag, 27. April 2012

Sad story with happy end ^^

- Where am I? - asked the bear, regaining consciousness and clumsily looking around.
Alone in such a Big  world...


- the Wall, it is such big and strong, and I am such small and old…

Lost (2) 

- I will never see, what is behind it, I will stay here forever...

 Lost (3) 

- Alone...!!!

 Lost (4) 

- What is that noise up there...?

 Lost (5) 

= Oh, look, what a dirty! How did you get here? Keeping silent)
Lost (6) 

= Давайте, давайте возьмём его с собой! Ну и что, что старый, зато он такой единственный!

 Lost (7) 

= Let's take him with us, pleeeease! Doesn´t matter his is old, but it makes him such unique!

Lost (8) 

- Oh, bears god! Thank you!

= Well then don't lag behind!

Lost (10) 

And the bear quickly hobbled on his old legs to grasp the given hand and hold it forever.

Lost (9)

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  1. Очаровательный медведь! Взгляд покорил!