Montag, 2. April 2012

Polar bear cub "Knut"

Name: polar bear cub “Knut”
Edition: one of a kind
Size sitting: 16 cm
Used materials: extra dense alpaca mohair Schulte
Eyes: taxidermy amber eyes with hand sculpted epoxy eyelids
Details: the cutest nose and claws were carefully hand sculpted and carved by me from epoxy clay
Joints: 6-way jointed (double jointed neck), armature inside for realistic posing possibilities
Paw pads: needle felted with hardening technique from high-quality wool and then shaded
Filling:  wool and steel
Used techniques: sewing, felting, sculpting
More detail: completely designed and sewn by me, Vero Heck. He is unique individual and can not be duplicated. Many hours of work have been spent for this baby, therefore he looks so lifelike and beautiful, and has so kind expression =^.^= 
Adoption: adopted


  1. Ну вот, опять ты мне душу травишь(((
    Красавчик мой!!!Такой супеский, никакое фото не может передать какой он восхитительный в жизни)

    1. Не, я не специально, но в блоге то надо показать))
      Ну да, на фото они все не такие(( Надо учиться фотографировать и завязывать с натюрами)))

  2. He is a little darling. I love his little paws.

    1. Thank you very much for all your kind comments ^_^
      Bear Hugs

  3. He is so sweet! I love everything about him! Hugs, Janice

    1. Thank you, Janice! I am glad you like him))
      Hugs, Vero

  4. Antworten
    1. Thank you, Joanne!
      I was so busy all the time, have forgotten to ask, did you receive my e-mail?